"She decided that missing an arm wasn’t a crutch, but a beautiful way to help other people with disabilities embrace their beauty and embrace their aspirations."


Rebekah Marine, best known as the Bionic Model, wears one of the most advanced prosthetic arms on the market. Despite being born without a right forearm, Rebekah has defied all odds in the fashion industry and have become one of the most recognizable models in the disabled community.


When Rebekah was being fit for her new prosthesis in 2011, a friend suggested she model her new "accessory." It was at that moment she realized she could turn her "disability" into something extraordinary.


It wasn't long before thousands of people all over the world began recognizing Rebekah's face on TV, internet, newspapers and magazines. She's graced many publications such as TIME, People Magazine, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Daily News and more. She's also appeared in Nordstrom's 2015 Anniversary catalog, walked in New York Fashion Week multiple times and has modeled for Tommy Hilfiger.


Rebekah is more than just a model, she's a role model. As an ambassador for the Lucky Fin Project, a nonprofit organization that supports those with upper limb differences, she travels around the country mentoring and giving motivational speeches geared towards self-love and embracing differences. Some of her recent talks include Dove's 60th birthday event and the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders event.

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Best known as the "Bionic Model," Rebekah wears one of the most advanced prosthetic hands on the market and breaks down barriers in the mainstream fashion industry.

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